Saniquat soluzione acquosa...

Saniquat soluzione acquosa disinfettante 1 LT


Saniquat is a concentrated aqueous solution.

Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, floors, non-critical items

It is a disinfectant and detergent product authorized for use in communities, barracks, hospitals, medical and dental clinics, schools, industries in general, food industries in particular and chemical and microbiological laboratories.

Suitable for:

Disinfection and cleaning of floors, walls, worktops, means of transport, containers and non-critical items.

Treatment of dirty laundry in the last rinse

Treatment of special hospital waste destined for incineration.

Medical surgical device

1000 ml bottle

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It is a concentrated product to be diluted with running water at the time of use.

The recommended dilutions of use vary from 1% to 4% (10/40 ml of product in 1 liter of running water) depending on the degree of pollution and dirt on the surfaces and objects to be treated.

In the food industry, a rinse with running water is required after treatment with disinfectant.

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