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Miracle Stencil 125ml

€6.86 €9.80
The brand new Miracle Stencil by Lauro Paolini was designed and developed specifically with the aim of allowing the reproduction of clean and accurate lines, ensuring a faithful representation of the original work and a highly professional result. Its extraordinary effectiveness guarantees a long-lasting result without alterations or stains. The Miracle...
Stencil products

Incredibile Tattoo Shine Foam

€11.13 €15.90
This is a foam that has to be applied to the finished tattoo. It removes all residual of blood and ink, it closes the pores, gives relief to the customer. Thanks to glycerin it helps the healing of the traumatized skin and makes the tattoo's colours especially vivid and bright for the classic usual photos for social networks. 200 ml bottle
Stencil products

Red Fire Stencil gel

€4.69 €6.70
Hygienic liquid designed for professionals that allows you to easily transfer the molds on the skin. Constant positive feedback from our customers. Additioned with liquid silicone 125 ml bottle
Spirit Freehand Stencil Paper Spirit Freehand Stencil Paper 2
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Charcoal paper for freehand stencils. Ideal for use in conjunction with stencil transfer liquid (Miracle stencil or Red Fire). FOR HAND STENCIL. Pack of 15 sheets and 100 sheets in A4 format. Reusable countless times
The originals Tombow Abt Pro double-ended markers, acid-free and suitable for drawing on the skin. Choose from the various colors available!
Latex leather for practice, MiaOpera brand. It will help you in the exercises, thanks to the extraordinary quality: extremely soft, it is made of skin color and has a texture really comparable to human skin. Version without printing. Sizes: 20x15cm Sizes: 20x15x h 0,15cm Single pack
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