Medica Pmu Pen Dark Black Medica Pmu Pen Dark Black 2
  • -€40.00

Medica Pmu Pen Dark Black

€359.00 €399.00
Never seen one so small! The Pmu Pen Made in Italy par excellence with the smallest size on the market compatible with all standard cartridges. Extremely light, silent, vibration-free and incredibly easy to handle, it guarantees versatility and precision of execution at the highest level.
Magica Two Pmu Pen Magica Two Pmu Pen 2
  • -€30.00

Magica Two Pmu Pen

€270.00 €300.00
The new and improved Magica Pen! The new version offers greater working versatility, with a stroke length of 3.5mm. More balanced and lighter! a pen designed for the hands of the artist who desires maximum precision during PMU procedures. Recommended for hair-to-hair technique and pixel technique thanks to the type of motor and its 3.5mm stroke. You...
Pmu Fly Pen Pmu Fly Pen 2
  • -€100.00

Pmu Fly Pen

€250.00 €350.00
Fly pen, a light, stable and compact handpiece ideal for small hands. Slim and elegant, the Pmu Pen is perfect for performing any type of work on the eyes, mouth and areolas, in total comfort, regulating the power and using the most appropriate set of needles each time, with excellent results! Made in Italy par excellence!
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