Rotary Machines

Lauro Paolini's new machine, the PUROSANGUE, is finally ready! A hybrid with a transverse engine, very powerful and mean, suitable for thick and precise lines and decisive fillings. Frame entirely machined from solid aluminium, made in Italy as are all the details of the structure, from the Bar to the closure to the eccentric details. Unstoppable, not...
Trx4 direct Roray Machine Trx4 direct Roray Machine 2
  • -€101.00
Rotary Machines

Trx4 direct Roray Machine

€249.00 €350.00
The TRX4, the latest generation direct rotary machine in aeronautical aluminum, is perfectly capable of performing any type of work. Designed also thinking of those who prefer a traditional rotary to the new tattoo pens, in fact, the TRX4 stands out from the others for its incredible lightness, versatility and precision. Made In Italy
Trixy T.3 rotary machine
  • -€30.00
Rotary Machines

Trixy T.3 rotary machine

€169.00 €199.00
Looking for a rotary machine for traditional needles? Trixy T.3 is the one for you! After 20 years the Trixy changes its look while maintaining a minimalist and attractive design. The beautiful new Trixy Type 3 features a powerful and fast 12v / 11000 rpm motor built to our specifications. Unlike the Trixy T.2, the connection is via RCA
Rotary Machines

Trixy T.3 black + Slim Bob grip

Trixy T.3 with Slim Bob Grip included After 20 years in the business, we gave a new vest to a traditional rotary machine. The new and stylish Trixy Type 3 has a fast and powerful 12V /11000 rpm italian motor, built for us according to our directives, with 12 months warranty from the purchase date Unlike the Trixy T2, the power link is through RCA It’s...
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