Wireless battery pack

Mast T2 Led Wireless Battery Mast T2 Led Wireless Battery 2
Wireless battery pack

Mast T2 Led Wireless Battery

Mast T2 Led wireless battery  From now on, you can turn your tattoo pen or traditional rotary machine into an amazing wireless tool, thanks to the new Mast T2 Led universal battery Standard male RCA plug in, higher level battery life and autonomy, compact, ergonomic and easy to use! Technical features: Length: 50mm Diameter: 32mm Weight: 53gr...
Wireless battery pack

Mast Airbot Led Wireless Battery

Mast Airbot Smart Wireless Battery Built-in most labs cognitive function super-sense chip, pioneering a new era of tattoo machine batteries High-quality PC material: ceramic texture. The high-standard process is resistant to drops from high places. Humanization: Vivid and engaging interactive emojis are shown when the airboat is switched on, switched...
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