Kwadron excellence extends now to the world of PMU, with a world class line of cartridges designed for the most demanding pigmentists. 20 pcs box
Disposable items

Tnt Hypoallergenic tape

Scotch tape non-woven fabric, ideal for sensitive skin. Size: 9.14m x 2.5cm pack of 10 pcs
Disinfettanti, detergenti e gel

Wip anios decontaminating wipes

Decontaminating wipes to prevent the spread of bacterial epidemics. Treatment of non-submersible and non-invasive medical devices. Drying of endoscope sheaths during preliminary treatment, before immersion for cleaning and disinfection. 100% biodegradable viscose wipes. Perfume-free impregnating solution, alcohol-free. Wide virucidal spectrum....
Medica Pmu Pen Dark Black Medica Pmu Pen Dark Black 2
  • -€40.00

Medica Pmu Pen Dark Black

€359.00 €399.00
Never seen one so small! The Pmu Pen Made in Italy par excellence with the smallest size on the market compatible with all standard cartridges. Extremely light, silent, vibration-free and incredibly easy to handle, it guarantees versatility and precision of execution at the highest level.

Travel case - 29x26xH14cm

Material case, equipped with a protective EVA foam lining. The case fits various tools. Perfect for traveling and transporting material (machine, feeder, cables, needles, cartridges, pigments)
Surface barriers

Barrier Film - transparent film

Disposable plastic film, adhesive but easily used to avoid contamination and cross-contamination. Convenient 1200-sheet pack. Each sheet measures 15,5x10 cm. Some of the tools that may require coverage with the barrier film are: power supplies, lights, armrests of armchairs, pedals and other supports or surfaces present in your tattoo and piercing studio.
Spray with vaporizer ideal for disinfection during tattooing Made of high quality PET, anatomically shaped, very resistant.

WJX Cartridges - Round Liner

€20.65 €29.50
From the outer needle shell to the needle thread as well as every other part, a multi-level screening and testing is executed to have the needles run as smoothly as possible, to save more ink, to better spread the colors and to reduce the skin friction.  Because every detail matters. Taper Type: Medium taper and Long taper Also ideal for Pmu 
Latex leather for practice, MiaOpera brand. It will help you in the exercises, thanks to the extraordinary quality: extremely soft, it is made of skin color and has a texture really comparable to human skin. Version without printing. Sizes: 20x15cm Sizes: 20x15x h 0,15cm Single pack
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Golmar All-purpose spray 400ml

Spray disinfectant for environments and objects with high bactericidal power. It allows rapid disinfection of environments, surfaces, objects and equipment as it does not affect rubber, plastics, special glues and metals. It is particularly recommended for the disinfection of wet areas (bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas, etc.).
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

G-Absorb Golmar liquid absorbent powder

Polymer powder with high hygroscopic capacity. A contact with liquids swells rapidly, facilitating the collection and removal of the dispersed liquid. It has an absorbing capacity ranging from 50 to 100 times its weight depending on the type of liquid to be absorbed.  It allows to easily collect in 2/3 minutes blood, exudates, other biological liquids...

MiaOpera Practice eyebrow pad

Mia Opera Ptactice Eyebrow Pad Practice Pad 20X15X0.15CM Latex leather for practice, MiaOpera brand. It will help you in your exercises, thanks to the extraordinary quality: extremely soft, it is made of skin color and has a texture that is truly comparable to human skin. Version with tone-on-tone print around the eyebrows.
Disposable items

Disposable Cartridge Tray

Disposable cartridge tray box 24 pcs. Comfortable and hygienic cartridges tray. Thanks to its shaping, it prevents the cartridges from moving on the work table.
Spray bottle ideal to contain the Green Soap product and use it easily during the tattoo In soft plastic equipped with adjustable and flexible tube, it allows the easy dispensing of the contents The dispensing spout is removable and can be cut to increase the dispensing flow. Bottle of 250ml
Unigloves clip cord envelopes 365 m reel Continuous roll to be cut as desired in black color, PE plastic Cross-contamination protection Length 365 m, Width 5.5 cm 1 roll per pack
Black plastic-coated placemats for the worktop. With polyethylene film, double layer, absorbent and waterproof. High quality, made in Italy size: 33 x 48 cm
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