Aniospray Quick disinfectant 1LT

Aniospray Quick disinfectant 1LT


Ready-to-use solution, based on ethanol with a wide spectrum of activities in a short time.

It leaves no trace of drying

Pleasant smell

Formulation without aldehydes, without dyes

Broad antimicrobial spectrum (bactericidal, fungicidal, microbactericidal, active on viruses)

Rapid disinfection of surfaces, non-submersible and non-invasive medical materials and devices previously cleaned and resistant to alcohol (stethoscopes, cables and connectors, pressure sensors, blood glucose meters, etc.)

Instructions for Use

-Clean the piece in advance with a disinfectant cleaner

-Spray evenly

-Let act for 30 seconds

1000 ml bottle

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Medical surgical device

Ethanol based

Without aldehyde

Wide spectrum of activity in 30 sec.

It leaves no trace

Good smell

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