The personal history of Lauro Paolini as a tattoo artist starts in 1990, in a trip to Brazil during which he decided to get a tattoo for the first time, also as a consequence of his long time desire for that and the lack of tattoo studios in italy at the time.

What until then was simple curiosity suddenly becomes a passion and pushes Mr. Paolini, in the early 90s, to attend numerous international conventions, first as a visitor and later as a tattoo artist.

During these years, living and breathing the tattoo environment and its characters, he began to suffer the ever-increasing fascination of tattooing machines, so much so that he began to collect these mysterious objects out of pure passion.

It is 1995 when the closure of Lauro's studio is suddenly ordered because at the time, the qualification of “beautician” was required be allowed to tattoo, forcing him to reinvent himself, to take another direction that will turn out to be even more apt afterwards: decides to build his tattoo machine.

The intent is to put together the winning features of some of his favorite machines, to get a high quality product, and that's how in his father's garage he assembles a first model using pieces of sheet metal and then shows it to his colleagues, receiving immediately the first requests.

In 1996, at the Bologna Tattoo Convention, in addition to tattoo works, Lauro proposed the first 30 copies created by him, subdivided into 3 main models, two of which were designed by the precious collaborator and partner Giorgio Gazzola and one by Lauro Paolini himself. He sells them all.

Today a single model, the "Brush" survives on the market, but after 23 years the activity of Lauro Paolini has continued to push the constant search for the best engineering and aesthetic solutions.

Among the first to use a machining center (CNC) to build the machine frames, Lauro Paolini's team has always pursued construction quality, efficiency and homogeneity in category performance, despite the higher cost for this type of processing.

For 23 years the constant commitment of the group has been characterized by the goal of giving tattoo artists more and more professional tools, by paying attention to the quality of small details.

Craftsmanship is in fact an integral part of this company, and it is clear from the fact that every single machine produced and sold by the Incredibile Tattoo Supply is built with components produced in Reggio Emilia by workshops with 20+ years of experience, and hand assembled, in our lab by Lauro Paolini himself and the team.

We are very happy with the results achieved to date and continue to work with passion to achieve ever higher standards and satisfy all types of requests.

Lauro Paolini Since 1996

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