WJX Cartridges - Round Liner
WJX Cartridges - Round Liner

WJX Cartridges - Round Liner


From the outer needle shell to the needle thread as well as every other part, a multi-level screening and testing is executed to have the needles run as smoothly as possible, to save more ink, to better spread the colors and to reduce the skin friction. 

Because every detail matters.

Taper Type: Medium taper and Long taper

Also ideal for Pmu 

WJX Cartridges - Round Liner
  • 01 RL 0,25MM MT
  • 01 RL 0,30MM MT
  • 01 RL 0,35MM MT
  • 03 RL 0,25MM LT
  • 03 RL 0,30MM LT
  • 03 RL 0,35MM LT
  • 05 RL 0,25MM LT
  • 05 RL 0,30MM LT
  • 05 RL 0,35MM LT
  • 07 RL 0,25MM LT
  • 07 RL 0,30MM LT
  • 07 RL 0,35MM LT
  • 09 RL 0,25MM LT
  • 09 RL 0,30MM LT
  • 11 RL 0,30MM LT
  • 11 RL 0,35MM LT
  • 14 RL 0,30MM LT
  • 14 RL 0,35MM LT
  • 18 RL 0,30MM LT

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The shell design was created specifically to grant a constant ink flow and a stable and friction-free stroke.

The cross needle stabilizing device enhances the needle steadiness and the ink storage capacity at the same time.

Optimized design for a superior performance


Special elastics control the rebound from the membrane, easing the pressure on the needle and making the work easier and more silent.

Polycarbonate frame

The frame is made by PC polycarbonate. Colorless, transparent, heat resistant, impact resistant, flame retardant and shows good mechanical properties at normal use temperatures.

Package: 20pcs per box

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