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Pmu Fly Pen
Pmu Fly Pen

Pmu Fly Pen

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Fly pen, a light, stable and compact handpiece ideal for small hands.

Slim and elegant, the Pmu Pen is perfect for performing any type of work on the eyes, mouth and areolas, in total comfort, regulating the power and using the most appropriate set of needles each time, with excellent results!

Made in Italy par excellence!

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Technical features: Needle stroke: 2.8mm

Weight: 85gr


Handle diameter: 24mm

Engine: Faulhaber 12V - 6 watts

Frame: Anodized Aluminum

Connection: via Rca cable Soft beat, making it easy, effective and pleasant to use with almost total absence of vibrations.

It is advisable to start the machine by setting the voltage between 10 and 12 Volts, and never higher than 12 Volts during the work session

*Fly pen does not mount vertix cartridges

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