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Black inks Lauro Paolini

BLK by Lauro Paolini tattoo ink 125ml

Intensity, power, balance. Blacker than black! BLK by Lauro Paolini, the tradition of "Black the new black" blends with innovation to create an ink you can no longer do without. Experience and quality characterise it, giving life to details that until now had remained hidden. Let yourself be enveloped by the perfect mix of quality and creativity....
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KillerBlack EXTRA LIGHT SHADING Tattoo Ink is a tattoo colour for shading. The extra light concentration allows you to create very soft shades. The special formula allows a smooth and not scratched grip on the skin (shades will be softer). At the same time it does not stain: during tattooing excess ink will be easy to clean simply with soap. Reach...
Black inks Lauro Paolini

Shading Solution by Lauro Paolini - Diluter 125ml

Tattoo ink thinner (tattoo mix) combined with BLK By Lauro Paolini The Shading Solution is perfect for creating your own gray tones. It allows you to dilute your inks at will and work efficiently on your tattoos. The composition of the raw materials used in the shading solution stabilize your black ink. It helps the insertion of color into the...
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