Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Disinfettanti, detergenti e gel

Wip anios decontaminating wipes

Decontaminating wipes to prevent the spread of bacterial epidemics. Treatment of non-submersible and non-invasive medical devices. Drying of endoscope sheaths during preliminary treatment, before immersion for cleaning and disinfection. 100% biodegradable viscose wipes. Perfume-free impregnating solution, alcohol-free. Wide virucidal spectrum....
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Golmar Neo Sterixidina wipes

Alcohol-based disinfectant tissues for medical devices, surfaces and equipment. It disinfects and quickly cleans all surfaces and equipment. The association between chlorhexidine, quaternated ammonium salts and the high alcohol content guarantee a broad spectrum of rapid and prolonged action. Wipes 80 pcs 
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Golmar Oasis Medical 1lt

Liquid antiseptic for the disinfection of hands and skin It guarantees a disinfectant action, eliminates and controls the bacterial load present on the skin, the main vehicle for infections and contaminations. In addition to the cleansing effect, Oasis Medical Odorless guarantees a broad spectrum antibacterial action, thanks to the synergy of the...
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

G-Absorb Golmar liquid absorbent powder

Polymer powder with high hygroscopic capacity. A contact with liquids swells rapidly, facilitating the collection and removal of the dispersed liquid. It has an absorbing capacity ranging from 50 to 100 times its weight depending on the type of liquid to be absorbed.  It allows to easily collect in 2/3 minutes blood, exudates, other biological liquids...
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Germocid Basic Spray 750 ml

Ideal for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces for medical use in non-alcohol-sensitive material such as, armrests, handles and objects used by dentists. Disinfectant action: the association between Chlorhexidine and Quaternary Ammonium Salts together with the high alcohol content guarantee a wide spectrum of efficacy towards: - Gram + and Gram-...
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Golmar GD90 disinfectant 1 LT

Disinfectant, germicide, virucidal, detergent. Quick and effective disinfection. Highly concentrated professional disinfectant with a broad spectrum of action, capable of eliminating: Gram + and Gram-, including Listeria, Mushrooms, Molds, TB, Viruses (including the causative agent of HIV, HBV and HCV). Disinfects, cleans and deodorizes every washable...
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Golmar All-purpose spray 400ml

Spray disinfectant for environments and objects with high bactericidal power. It allows rapid disinfection of environments, surfaces, objects and equipment as it does not affect rubber, plastics, special glues and metals. It is particularly recommended for the disinfection of wet areas (bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas, etc.).
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Saniquat soluzione acquosa disinfettante 1 LT

Saniquat is a concentrated aqueous solution. Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, floors, non-critical items It is a disinfectant and detergent product authorized for use in communities, barracks, hospitals, medical and dental clinics, schools, industries in general, food industries in particular and chemical and microbiological...
Disinfectants, detergents and Gels

Aniospray Quick disinfectant 1LT

Ready-to-use solution, based on ethanol with a wide spectrum of activities in a short time. It leaves no trace of drying Pleasant smell Formulation without aldehydes, without dyes Broad antimicrobial spectrum (bactericidal, fungicidal, microbactericidal, active on viruses) Rapid disinfection of surfaces, non-submersible and non-invasive medical...
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