Virkon Relay On disinfectant 1kg

Virkon Relay On disinfectant 1kg


The world's top selling disinfectant.

Disinfectant that combines efficacy, safety, ease of use and environmental compatibility.

Effective against 20 families of viruses, 43 types of bacteria and 27 kinds of fungi.

From 1 kg of product, 150 liters come out.

Medical surgical device

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Virkon has an internal dye, an indicator of the active ingredient, which simplifies the verification of the residual effectiveness of the product up to five days from the initial preparation.

The obtained biocide solution can be used as a surface disinfectant or by means of a dry aerosol fog generator for the disinfection of rooms, and all objects, furnishings and equipment inside.

Virkon's disinfectant action becomes explicit once the powder is dissolved in water.

1 kg jar

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