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Soul Mates Type5 Tattoo Machine
Soul Mates Type5 Tattoo Machine
Soul Mates Type5 Tattoo Machine

Soul Mates Type5 Tattoo Machine

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If you are looking for a machine that is extravagant and at the same time works like a hand-held bomb, this one is for you!

The Soul Mates series is coated with a special Cerakote treatment, never used on tattoo machines until now!

The result is astonishing! Oh forgot, you can choose the setting you prefer!


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Technical specifications:

Chassis: iron

Machined from a solid piece with numerically controlled (cnc) machine tools

Sidewall: aluminium to keep the overall weight of the machine light.

Coils: 8 Wraps plus copper wire with protective heat shrink sleeve.

Springs: burnished spring steel

Individually hand-bent.

Clamps: hand-polished brass / black-burnished brass

Contact screw: hand-polished AVP / silver-plated AVP (high conductivity material)

Weight: 218 grams

Connection: with traditional clip cord

Recommended working range: between 8 and 10 v for lines, between 5 and 10 v for colour and shades (with good quality power supply and not less than 2 amps)

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