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Set Dark Side Black ink

Dark - Dark Side Black ink 150 ml

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DARK BLACK - dark side black ink

It's used for darker shading of the face (nose shadow, supraorbital area, border line between head and neck)

A great collaboration with Max Galaverna & Michele Mazzetto.


From the artistic and pictorial experience of two great tattoo artists Max Galaverna & Michele Mazzetto and the technical supervision of Lauro Paolini a set of inks was created specifically for the realistic tattoo, especially for portraits.

5 shades of black and 1 white, high quality colors, made in Italy without hydrocarbons designed to NOT harm the health of your customers.

The five blacks have been studied to obtain always perfect and recognizable shades in the progression of the tattoo.

Lauro Paolini, Max Galaverna, Michele Mazzetto have combined their professionalism and their great experience, managing to create for you and your customers a set of high quality and unique inks.


It's absolute black to give a three-dimensional effect to our portraits. It is used only in areas where it needs to get more depth.


It's used for all the small details and the construction of the structural lines, maintaining over time the precision of all the micro details of the portraits (eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, lips, beard)


It's used for darker shading of the face (nose shadow, supraorbital area, border line between head and neck)


It's used for all the main drapery of the face and body to obtain a solid and homogeneous shade of light gray (frontal shadows, zygomatic area, nose, under-eye, nasolabial furrow)


It's a very light gray base to saturate the entire surface of the face (excluding the light spots), creates a velvety effect giving a hyper-realistic effect to the portrait

SHINING WHITE (available with 30ml kit only)

It's a bright white that does not tend to yellow over time.

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