SterilAir - environmental sanitation
SterilAir - environmental sanitation
SterilAir - environmental sanitation

SterilAir - environmental sanitation


SterilAir is a 100% made in Italy production equipment that sterilizes the air by killing viruses and bacteria.

It is compatible with the presence of operators, it can be in operation throughout the day, ensuring an environment free of viruses and bacteria.

The optimal working environment must not exceed 120 m3

Sterilair was designed several years ago for the healthcare sector and is widely used in polyclinics, doctors' offices, dentists.

In this period many non-medical activities have decided to purchase this device due to the absolute importance of the difficult moment that we are all experiencing.

99.99% reduction

Simple and intuitive use

Fully programmable

No maintenance


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STERILAIR Pro is equipped with 4 lamps (which are the sterilizing agent), enclosed in a special chamber and this ensures maximum biological results.

Also equipped with a self-cleaning filter to block dust and microparticles avoiding the use of other filters that slow down the air flow and require periodic maintenance.

Thanks to the choices of this company with which we have been collaborating for several years, we can guarantee the maximum result by eliminating periodic costs and ensuring the highest degree of safety.

Thousands of dental and medical offices in Italy and worldwide use this extraordinary system.

Adopting STERILAIR Pro means:

Reduce the risk of operator contamination, as also required by the consolidated text on safety and recently also recommended by WHO (world health organization)

Reduce or eliminate the possibility of contamination for operators and patients

Having a bacteriologically safe environment.


. They emit short wave UV radiation with a peak of 253.7 nm (UV-C) for effective germicidal action

. The glass of the lamp acts as a filter to the ozone line (185 nm)

. The protective inner coating maintains the effectiveness of the useful flow of UV-C rays over time

. A warning on the lamp indicates the emission of UV-C radiation Application

. Neutralization of bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms

. Disinfection of water, air and surfaces in hospitals, pharmaceutical and bacteriological research laboratories and in companies in the food processing sector such as dairy farms, breweries and bakeries

. Disinfection of drinking water, waste water, swimming pools, air conditioning systems, cold rooms, packaging materials, etc.

. Use in an infinite number of photochemical processes

. Life cycle of 9000 hours.

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