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Medica Pen Pink + Wireless Battery
Medica Pen Pink + Wireless Battery

Medica Pen Pink + Wireless Battery

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Turn your medica pen into a wireless pen!

Compact, ergonomic and easy to use!

Save on the total price by buying the Medica Pack

Extremely light, silent, vibration-free and incredibly easy to handle, this latest generation tool grants versatility and accuracy at the highest levels, embodying all the features that the veterans in this field look for.

Ideal for any type of work, the Medica PMU Pen features compact size and an ergonomic grip, which can be changed at will by replacing the smooth grip with the spare shaped one, that comes with the pen.

the Made in Italy par excellence!

This pack contains

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Medica technical features:

Motor: Faulhaber 12 VOLT Made in Germany

Recommended working range: 6 – 12V

Soft stroke

Needle reach: 2.8mm

Power link: RCA slot in the frame

Weight: 70gr

Size: lenght 90mm diameter 21mm

Mast battery sizes:

Length: 63mm

Diameter: 27mm

Weight: 60gr

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