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Medical Xenon skin care tattoo film

Medical Xenon skin care tattoo film

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The protective film is used as a protection against irritation of primary wounds, such as a fresh tattoo.

Self-adhesive dressing in transparent polyurethane film;

It is an effective barrier against bacteria, protects the wound from secondary infection;

It allows water vapor and oxygen, so it does not disturb the free breathing of the skin;

It adapts perfectly to the shape of the body;

Allows constant monitoring of the condition of the wound and its area without removing the dressing;

The dressing can be painlessly removed with water without irritating the new one skin;

It is waterproof, it allows for daily body hygiene;

Loosely cut pieces can be combined with each other, which allows you to protect the tattoo regardless of size and shape






Size: 15cm x 10m

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