Faulhaber Flat motor with internal cusion Motor: 9Volt - 4.5 W Stroke length: 3.5 mm The new version of the Faulhaber 9V motor, already featured on the Sweet Pen V3, carries an internal cushion in replacement of the bushings, drastically reducing the friction between the components, hence providing the engine a better performance, a smoother run and a...
Sweet V.3 Pen Tattoo machines Sweet V.3 Pen Tattoo machines 2
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€250.00 €300.00
The latest evolution of Tattoo Pen by Lauro Paolini TECHNICAL FEATURES Motor: Faulhaber 9V Needle range: 3,8 mm Power link: RCA embedded in the frame Frame material: Areonautical aluminium worked through numerical control machines  Weight: 144 gr Full length: 113 mm Rca cable included MADE IN ITALY
Contact Screw

Silver Skull - Contact screw

Silver contact screw with a silver 925 skull suitable for all tattoo machines. Length: 20 mm and 24 mm (select option) Made In Italy
Contact Screw

Copper Contact Screw

Copper contact screw, excellent conductor. Thread M4 Screw length 20mm. Polished Handmade individually Made in Italy
Contact Screw

Avp Contact Screw black

Contact screw in AVP black burnishing treatment. Thread M4 Length: 20 mm and 24 mm (select option) Made In Italy

Clip Cord Jack Cable

Silicone clip cord black color of superior quality, very soft and flexible silicone cable. Size 170 cm. Supplied with jack.
Replace the pedal connects to the normal connection of the power supply jack.Very useful for long jobs. Another advantage is that you no longer have the impediment pedal and its cable, then the displacements are much free
Stencil products

Red Fire Stencil gel

€4.69 €6.70
Hygienic liquid designed for professionals that allows you to easily transfer the molds on the skin. Constant positive feedback from our customers. Additioned with liquid silicone 125 ml bottle
Sacred Heart Tattoo Machine... Sacred Heart Tattoo Machine... 2
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Coils Machines

Sacred Heart Tattoo Machine Iron

€189.00 €280.00
The Sacred Heart carries with it the history of coil machines. Elegant, powerful, recognisable, a must-have of coil machines 😍 Lightened and reduced in size so that it can also be used with disposable grips. Weight 240 g Designed for lines up to 14/18 needles, shading and filling large areas
Copper Front Binding, with copper contact screw. Screw length: 20mm Crafted in our warehose, complete with burnished AVP screw and Copper washer.  Suitable for all tattoo machines. Individually Handmade polished. Made in Italy
Front Binding with Black stainless steel, contact crew and washer and plastic clamping srew. Crafted in our warehose, suitable for all tattoo machines.
Gabetoo Tattoo Machine
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Big Liner Tattoo Machines

Gabetoo Tattoo Machine

€199.00 €340.00
GABETOO MACHINE BRONZE BY GABE SHUM & LAURO PAOLINI TECHNICAL FEATURES A jewel machine, shaped as an oriental hydeogram whose meaning is Heart Advised for: lines up to 14/18 needles Frame: in bronze, copper clamps, 25mm coils with a jade embedded in the frame Available in: polished bronze, brushed bronze. MADE IN ITALY *The machines included in the...
Spirit Freehand Stencil Paper Spirit Freehand Stencil Paper 2
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Charcoal paper for freehand stencils. Ideal for use in conjunction with stencil transfer liquid (Miracle stencil or Red Fire). FOR HAND STENCIL. Pack of 15 sheets and 100 sheets in A4 format. Reusable countless times
Burnished AVP Front Binding, with silver AVP contact screw. Contact screw length: 20mm Crafted in our warehouse, complete with stainless steel screws and washers and clamping screw in plastic, suitable for all tattoo machines.
Black plastic-coated placemats for the worktop. With polyethylene film, double layer, absorbent and waterproof. High quality, made in Italy size: 33 x 48 cm
The originals Tombow Abt Pro double-ended markers, acid-free and suitable for drawing on the skin. Choose from the various colors available!
Protezione operatore

Hard Face Mask

Reusable, comfortable, washable and reusable protection mask Allows air circulation, and does not tarnish Packaging: single mask
Nivola Mini Liner Tattoo... Nivola Mini Liner Tattoo... 2
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€210.00 €280.00
Nivola, a small, fast and powerful machine! Designed for small and thin lines, for those who want perfection. Excellence of Made in Italy Iron Frame and 25mm 8 wraps plus coils Machine weight: 200gr
Coils Machines

Soul Tattoo Machine

If you are looking for your first tattoo machine, this is the right choice! You can choose the setting and colouring you prefer. Easy to understand and use, lightweight and versatile. Pure quality that meets price 💪
Coils to shape machine, 25mm x 20mm length.  Winding 8 wpraps, performed in our workshop with copper cable of the best quality with protection H higher. Our coils working at low voltage and then do not get hot.  Covered with shrink sleeve transparent.  They can be mounted on other tattoo machine compatible in the measurements. Made in italy
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